Educate, Train & Develop Skills


B & T Trainings Skills Development is an accredited training organization located in Gauteng. We are proud of our reputation as a key player in education, vocational training and accreditations consultancy, with a high level of expertise appropriate to their fields.

At B & T Skills Development Trainings we strive for success in a caring and focused way. We support our students to achieve their goals and graduate with the technical, business, entrepreneurial and social skills, demanded by business and the community by focusing our curriculum on mastering key concepts and practical application.

Educate, Train & Develop Skills


At B & T Skills Development Trainings provides extensive training throughout South Africa in every province and is definitely an ideal education provider for those seeking an accredited SAQA-Aligned Qualifications which helps learners to achieve successful outcomes in their chosen field. Training is delivered in a personalised learning environment with a learner-focused approach.

We are capable of facilitating training in a number of cities throughout South Africa.We have flexible learning options which includes face to face ,online ,minimum facilitator/teacher to learners ratio .

Work Skills Plan/Annual Training Reports


All registered organizations, paying the Skills Development levies to SARS on a monthly basis. Please note: An employer is exempted from paying Skills Development levy if the total leviable amount of all its employees over the next 12 months are less than R500 000.00.

As per the latest submission guidelines, as from 1 April 2014, an Annual Training Report & Workplace Skills Plan may only be submitted to the relevant SETAs, once per scheme year, by the due date of 30 April yearly.

You need to submit a combined ATR (Annual Training Report). This is a report on actual training completed during the previous year, e.g. 1 April 2017 up to 31 March 2018 (Workplace Skills Plan) This is a plan of training to be completed in the new year, e.g. 1 April 2018 up to 31 March 2019.

Sample of proof of training completed in the form of copies of invoices, certificates and attendance registers need to accompany the ATR.

All submissions are done via our on line system called INDICIUM. Employers are required to register a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) who will complete and submit the application on their behalf. SDFs will access the system via their own username and password.

The SDF are required to create, complete and submit the relevant ATR and WSP with the required supporting documents (Authorization page and sample proof of training completed). It is compulsory for large and medium employers to complete and submit the application on line.

Training is provided once a year only, as we do not have the resources or capacity to facilitate additional training sessions.

The SDF/System training forms part of our Annual National Road shows which are held in between February and April each year.

For those who are not able to attend a session or are introduce to the process after the road shows, can make use of our submission manuals and guidelines.

We believe

Our Philosophy

B and T Trainings bases its principles and philosophy on the Legacy of the Baobab Tree. This tree grows slowly and steadily over centuries and can live for thousands of years.

Some of them are believed to be even older than the pyramids of Giza and cutting them down does not exterminate them as their roots continue to live.