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B and T Skills Development Trainings can assist with - • Claiming 20 % of levies paid to SARS • Tax Rebates for learnerships • Applying DISCRETIONARY GRANTS funded programmes for Levy paying and Non-levy paying Companies • Upskilling your employees which results in economic growth,increase in company profits • Placements of graduate of learners.


Don't wait till your company drops BBBEE Points. Seek professional advice now from us. BBBEE has a huge impact on South African economic growth.


We provide a service that affords you to execute your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP). We can assist that you can successfully apply for Mandatory and Discretionary Grants application for your organisation.


Putting together records of all documents, education, training and development activities that make Annual Training records (ATR) can be cumbersome. We can assist employers with their ATR submissions.


• TVET learners who need the mandatory 18 months workplace experience for them to acquire a National Nated Diploma. • Qualified university graduates who require workplace experience.

Soft Skills

Acquire a relevant skills through our various short skills either face to face contact sessions or our online learning platform

B-BBBE Consultancy Experts

Submit your WSP through us.

If you want to learn more about what the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) entails and how to address employee training and development needs within organisations, we are here for you.

Allow us to work with you and improve your B-BBBE scorecard. Businesses are expected to place emphasis on skills development to meet the sub-minimum requirements of the B-BBEE scorecard element. We offer training programmes nationwide. Get in touch we will offer free consultation meeting.

Workplace Skills Plan (WSP/ATR) Submission


A workplace skills plan (WSP) is devised and tailor made instrument for an organisation in assisting to address their learning and development needs. The WSPs must be submitted before the end of April 2017. Here is how we can assist you with WSP/ATR:

Identify skills gaps to be addressed

We carry out a skills audit for scarce and critical skills in the organisation. The implementation of skills development programmes is rooted on the findings of the skills audit.

Strategise to fill skill gaps

An organisation’s plan of action for training plan for the period agreed that ensures learning needs are aligned with organizational development strategy is devised and implemented.

Compilation of WSP material

The plan of action is compiled into a WSP. The ATR is documented solely based on the WSP. Submission of the documents that makes ATR is required by the relevant SETAs.

Submission Preparation

Through us, as your capacitating Skills Development Facilitators (SDF), who develop WSP and ATR, we do all the required work in this regard as expected by the relevant SETA.

Submission / Reporting

The Mandatory Grant Report consists of a WSP and ATR. The report is due on or before 30 April annually. We ensure your Skills Development points can be fully recognised.

SETA grants Application Assistance

We are experienced in this regard and can assist employers with their applications. We are her to make sure the application process is effective and successful.